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Carols @ Sunset

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the production this year, it was

a night that All Saints’ can be rightly proud of. I felt that we punched well above our

weight, for while we are not a large church we played a significant part in the


In particular I want to thank John and Ellie Macpherson for generously sharing their

creative gifts and for the many hours they gave to the event; our roadie Barry

Brogden for helping with the set, the actors: Ellie O, Paul and Linda T, Colin L,

Artwell D, Barry B and myself; adult and children dancers: Felly D, Linda T, Ellie M,

Izzy, Tegan, Kezia, Romana, Emily, Sophie, Hunter, Rufaro, Tabitha and Abigail;

and those who assisted handing out programs and candles.

Based on the 420 song sheets given out, the crowd may have been around 500, a

fantastic outreach in the local community.

We would like to share some photos of the event with you, thanks to our photogra-

pher Michelle Chubb.

I encourage you to make an effort to personally thank all the people from your

church who made this event possible and promoted your church.


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