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To seek Baptism for yourself or your child is a very exciting decision! To seek Baptism is to say you wish yourself and/or your child to be part of God’s family and to begin a new and personal relationship that requires nurturing through actions including worship, prayer, Bible study and other spiritual disciplines.


God’s gift of marriage is a Christian ceremony where a man and a woman who are called to share this covenant relationship, in front of their friends, family and parish community, ask for God’s blessing on their married life together. It is a privilege to provide for the joyful sacrament of marriage in our churches.


In confirmation, the candidate confirms the promises made (usually on their behalf when they were an infant) at their baptism.


While confirmation is not strictly speaking a sacrament, it is still required to be a fully communicant member of the Anglican Church.


We have sensed the mystery of death, and the pain of grief, since time immemorial. A funeral service is a rite by which we acknowledge the wounds of grief, acknowledging loss, giving thanks, making a last farewell and becoming captives to hope.

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Anointing the Sick

The Anointing of the sick is a sacrament which is given to those who are suffering any kind of illness, whether physical, mental or spiritual.  It is a special ritual that involves the anointing of the sick person with oil and praying over them that God would bring them healing. 

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