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About Our Parish

All Saints' Parish History

The Bull Creek Parish was originally part of the Parish of Mt Pleasant which initiated church services here in 1974. It was then in Leeming-Bullcreek-Bateman Parish until 1990 when it was inaugurated as the Parochial District of Bullcreek-Bateman. The Parish of Bullcreek-Leeming was inaugurated on 09.12.2004.

The Leeming parish was initially formed in 1976 by Rev John Abraham who built a two-storey house at 2 Butson Street, Leeming. Services were conducted in the downstairs room. This original church was formed around an intentional Christian Community where two families sought to live out the Christian faith together. This original expression of the church was disbanded on 30.06.1978 and in the year 2000 the services were held in the Leeming Recreation Centre in Farrington Road.

The Parochial District of Leeming-Willetton South was inaugurated in 1976. The Parochial District of Leeming-Bullcreek-Bateman, which was inaugurated as a Parish on 11.08.1988, was divided into two areas on 01-02-1990: a) the Parochial District of Leeming [since become a Parish] and b) the Parochial District of Bullcreek-Bateman. The suburb of Leeming was the extent of the Leeming Parish. In 2004 the parishes of Leeming and Bull Creek-Bateman merged to become the Parish of Bull Creek-Leeming.

On 31.05.1980 Archbishop Sambell unveiled a plaque to commemorate the establishment of All Saints School, which was the first Anglican school to be built since the original Anglican Schools had been established in the early years of the twentieth century. The school was officially opened on the 08.02 1981 by Bishop Challen. The Bull Creek-Bateman parish used various spaces in the school for worship until the college built the chapel in 1989. All Saints’ Collegiate Chapel was dedicated by Archbishop Carnley on Sunday 10.12.1989. The building was designed by architect Greg Howlett of the firm of Howlett and Bailey and it was awarded the Category One Award from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 1991. The chapel boasts a beautiful semicircular worship space with glass windows around the walls allowing a connection between God’s creation outside and the worshippers within. The chapel is now a shared worship home for All Saints’ College community and the Bull Creek-Leeming parish.



Bull Creek-Bateman parish

1990 – 2003    D. Spinosi [Comm. 03-07-1990]

2004                M.J. Pennington [Locum tenens]

2004 - 2012     D. Fimognari

Leeming parish

1976 – 1979    J.C.H. Abraham

1979 – 1980    H.C. Bird [part time Priest-in-charge]

1981 – 1986    K. McIntyre [Comm. 30-01-1981]

1987 – 1989    H.D. Eaton Leeming + Bull Creek-Bateman] [Comm. 08-02-1987]

1990 – 1996    H.D. Eaton [Leeming]

1996 - 2004     D. Fimognari

Assistant Clergy

1983 – 1985    P.R. Gibbons

Bull Creek-Leeming parish

2004 – 2012    D. Fimognari

2013 -              B. Hyde


During 2015 All Saints’ parish began listening to God to discern the direction God was calling us. Out of this process has come a new vision.


All Saints parish strives to be a community of people who celebrate Jesus Christ as Lord. We are committed to both growing in our faith and sharing our faith with all God’s people in the wider Bull Creek - Leeming area. We will do this by finding creative ways to engage in community activities that allow people to discover the Risen Christ amongst his people through acts of mercy, love, and justice.

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Goals to achieve
our vision

Key Mission Area (KMA)

  • KMA # 1 Growing mission to the needy

  • KMA # 2 Nurturing inclusive and welcoming fellowship

  • KMA # 3 Developing partnerships with aboriginal communities

  • KMA # 4 Fostering relationships in Bull Creek and neighbouring suburbs

  • KMA # 5 Building Boldness in our community.

  • KMA # 6 Building Leadership opportunities.


With Christ as our teacher and guide, we aspire to be an invitational community where visitors find a genuine welcome and hospitality. Worship is at the heart of our life, and through meeting regularly for prayer and fellowship we encourage our people to become involved in the many aspects of the community whereby they can exercise their God-given gifts and talents to create a compassionate and caring community.

There are many ways people can become involved in God’s work at All Saints’; through participating in our worship liturgy, helping with weekly emergency hampers, attending fellowship groups, pastoral care, assisting or teaching in the children’s and youth Ministry team, or by joining one of the study/prayer groups.

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